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Kim Kardashian Crashed Her Sisters’ Interview So She Could Get Free Stuff

You gotta do what you gotta do for a Kendall + Kylie bag

Kim Kardashian may be wealthier than you or I could ever dream of being, but the woman still loves saving money. She knows, for instance, whom to hit up for free stuff at New York Fashion Week.

Last night, she dropped by Kendall and Kylie's bag launch to "watch" their interview, but at the end of the clip, she revealed her true intentions — getting "a good goodie bag." Last week on Snapchat, Kim revealed that she hadn't gotten any Kendall or Kylie bags yet. She obviously decided to take matters into her own hands.

Considering how quickly Jenner sister-branded products tend to sell out, we can't blame her, though her sisters would probably just give her a bag if she asked via text rather than, say, Snapchat.