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Life With Derek’s Dasey Ship Actually Started Earlier Than We Thought

Definitive proof Casey and Derek were always meant to be together

Eleven years ago this Sunday (September 18), Derek Venturi and Casey MacDonald became step-siblings on Life with Derek. It's also the day fans first began shipping "Dasey," a semi-controversial, non-canon ship pairing up Michael Seater and Ashley Leggat's characters. Both actors told MTV News back in June that they are totally on board with the ship, and even get a kick out of fans' fervor.

The duo shared an adorable story about Dasey's "early years," which happened three years before Life with Derek premiered. Leggat guest-starred on Seater's show, The Zack Files, and totally shut him down when he offered to buy her a soda. Shortly after, Merlin (J. Adam Brown) swooped in and cast a spell on Leggat, who promptly went back to Seater with hearts in her eyes.

This would be a fun thing to reminiscence about after learning you were starring on a new TV show together years later, right? Well, it would be, if either Seater or Leggat had remembered the episode. In fact, bells didn't go off until they just happened to see their younger selves on TV. "Ashley and I were like halfway through shooting Life with Derek before we [realized] we had already worked together on Zack Files," Seater told MTV News. "We saw ourselves on TV in France and were like, 'Wait a minute! We've worked together before,'" Leggat added.

Seater explained that it was roughly one day of filming, so it makes sense they wouldn't necessarily remember it. But still. This just proves Dasey was always meant to be — and we wouldn't want it any other way. You can check out baby Dasey in action here.