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Drake’s Dad Wants Us All To Believe Drake And Rihanna Are ‘Just Friends’

Dennis Graham: Dream Killer

Bad news, #Aubrih shippers: Contrary to their recent public displays of affection, Drake and Rihanna may not be an official ~item~ after all. At least, that’s what Drizzy’s dad, Dennis Graham, wants us all to think.

When TMZ cameramen recently bombarded approached the budding music video star to get an insider Aubrih scoop, Dennis put the kibosh on any romance rumors.

“They’re friends, they’ve been friends for years,” he said when asked about their relationship status.

OK, but what does he think about them “settling down” together? “I don’t know about settling down. No, they’re friends,” he replied.

But! Wait! Is he at least happy to see them together?! “There’s no relationship, they’re friends,” Dennis insisted, thoroughly crushing everyone’s Aubrih fantasies.

Of course, all of Dennis’s “just friends” talk is in direct opposition to what the rest of the world has been seeing lately. First, Drake congratulated Rih on her Video Vanguard award with a very fancy, very public billboard. Then, he announced he’s in love with her onstage at the VMAs. And then, they got matching shark tattoos. What’s up to interpretation?!

Dennis, however, laughed off the matching tattoos nonchalantly, and stood his ground. Either he’s very good at keeping secrets and he doesn’t want to fuel tabloid speculation about his son’s love life, or there really is nothing go on between Drake and Rihanna. Let’s all hope it’s not the latter, because the world has been waiting for this courtship to finally take flight. Don't squash our dreams, Dennis!