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Kanye Continues Comparing Himself To Walt Disney On Desiigner’s ‘Tiimmy Turner’ Remix

‘Tiimmy too turnt up’

Now that Desiigner’s breakout smash single “Panda” has thoroughly infiltrated the mainstream and even helped save actual pandas from endangerment, the Brooklyn MC is focusing his efforts on follow-up single “Tiimmy Turner.”

The original, polarizing version — which expanded on his XXL Freshman Freestyle — was first released back in July to mixed reviews. Now, Desiigner is giving it new life with an abridged remix featuring GOOD Music boss Kanye West.

The slightly stripped-back remix begins with Desiigner’s mellow, Fairly OddParents–referencing hook, before ‘Ye jumps in with a verse that addresses gun violence. “Everybody just got made alert / You might get killed on your way to work / Everybody seen it in broad day / Nobody feelin' that paperwork,” he raps before building on his erratic VMA speech by comparing himself to visionaries like Steve Jobs, Muhammad Ali, and Walt Disney.

The only question is, can “Tiimmy Turner” match the cultural impact of “Panda,” possibly by convincing Nickelodeon to revive the Fairly OddParents? Stay tuned.