Average Rob/Instagram

13 Totally Normal, Definitely Not Photoshopped Celebrity Pictures

Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and more strike a pose

Your fave celeb squads have a new member: Average Rob, who goes by @averagerobs on Instagram. He's been spotted with everyone from Beyoncé to Taylor Swift to Kimye. (He prefers to be friends with everyone, rather than picking sides when ~drama~ unfolds.)

Rob is so sly, the paparazzi never manage to catch him in pics, which is probably why you've never heard of him until now. But fear not! He's been documenting his 100 percent real, not at all fake adventures on social media. Behold:

  1. Feelin' themselves
  2. Watch your step
  3. Selfie-ing with the pros
  4. Getting wet with JLaw...
  5. ...and Biebs...
  6. ...and Taylor's squad!
  7. Dining and dashing
  8. Marking his territory
  9. Saving RiRi's life...
  10. ...but letting Jack drown
  11. Catching a ride
  12. Getting up close and personal
  13. And finally, breaking up Tayvin

    It wasn't Tom, you guys. It was Average Rob all along!