Real World Rewind: These Roommates Had Bad Blood (And It Was Legendary)

Can't we all just get along?

When a group of seven Real World strangers unite, there's bound to be some profound moments -- heartwarming incidents and ugly confrontations included. And when the MTV staple returns for its 32nd installment, 14 folks will need to find common ground with a familiar foe. Yes, these folks will need to "get real" if they want to make it through this bad blood themed-experience...

In honor of the upcoming October 12 premiere -- check out a trailer of what's to come in the clip above -- we're looking back at a bunch of RW vets who had some raw battles in the MTV environment. From the first eviction as a result of a troubling clash to the "slap heard 'round the world," there has been no shortage of these types of episodes -- and sometime reconciliations -- through the years. Here are some guys and gals who "stopped being polite" with their counterparts:

  1. Julie and Kevin from Real World: New York

    Disagreements about race have been a part of Real World since the first season -- and the screaming match between the duo above stemmed from this very issue.

  2. David and Tami from Real World: Los Angeles

    Not a funny situation: The stand-up comedian had a physical altercation with his fellow cast member -- and as a result, David became the first cast member to depart a Real World residence.

  3. Puck and the entire cast from Real World: San Francisco

    The rebellious bike messenger could not get along with anyone and was eventually asked to depart -- but the peanut butter incident with Pedro definitely deserves an honorable mention.

  4. Dan and Melissa from Real World: Miami

    The Season 5 alums didn't clash much, but opening a piece of mail that doesn't belong to you is a biiiiiiiiiig no-no.

  5. Stephen and Irene from Real World: Seattle

    "The slap heard 'round the world" is arguably the most unforgettable feud from the docu-series and, unfortunately, the last image viewers had of Irene (she bid adieu to the once-in-a-lifetime experience prematurely) was getting hit across the face. Meanwhile, Stephen was allowed to stay at Pier 70 after the altercation -- on the condition that he attend therapy and address his anger issues.

  6. David and Melissa from Real World: New Orleans

    Telling someone to "pipe down" -- while trying to collaborate on a work assignment, no less -- is not going to end well. Just ask the aspiring "C'mon Be My Baby Tonight" musician, who made the aforementioned remark to his Belfort Mansion counterpart.

  7. Coral and Mike from Real World: Back to New York

    The Battle of the Seasons victors did not get off to a good start during their Big Apple tenure: Right after moving in to their Greenwich Village digs, a diner visit got tense when the duo began talking about race.

  8. Tonya and Cara, Aneesa and Kerri from Real World: Chicago

    The negative opinions among the Windy City gals were shared. Case in point: Tonya talking s**t about the girls to her boyfriend, while the trio bashed their cohort during a separate conversation.

  9. Ryan and Preston from Real World: New Orleans

    Who thought a toothbrush would ever be at the center of an intense spat? Well, it was -- because Ryan's dental item was compromised by Preston.

  10. Frank and Zach from Real World: San Diego

    Some folks just can't get along under the same roof, no matter how hard they try (a Challenge adventure is a different story). But the boiling point for Zach and Frank occurred during the gang's vacay to Mexico -- and there was no turning back after some jabs were exchanged.

  11. Nia and (almost everyone) from Real World: Portland

    The replacement roommate ruffled a whole lot of feathers during her Oregon tenure. But the landfall of Hurricane Nia -- specifically, brawling with Averey -- most certainly takes the cake.

  12. Jenna and CeeJai from Real World: Go Big or Go Home

    Real World is meant to unite those with different opinions and beliefs -- but when the opposing views are so extreme, unrelenting conflict ensues. And unfortunately for these ladies, they went big and ultimately went home after several physical fights.

+ Which bad blood relationship stands out to you? Sound off in the comments, and do not miss the premiere of Real World Seattle: Bad Blood on Wednesday, October 12 at 10/9c!