Were The Wright Brothers Really Members Of The Mile-High Club?

According to the guys on 'Wild ‘N Out,' the answer is hell yeah

Wild ‘N Out just rewrote the history of aviation.

On last night's episode, the Platinum Team channeled the Wright Brothers and rapped about the very first airplane excursion that took place more than 100 years ago.

“In 1903 we was taking off, two OGs chillin’ out of Kitty Hawk,” the group rhymed in the clip, below. But since this is Wild ‘N Out, the guys embellished the adventures of good ol’ Wilbur and Orville -- claiming they met a gal on the runway.

“She said she wanted a quickie on the plane, so I gave her a lil’ dickie on the plane,” the group rapped.

Oh yeah, did we forget to mention that the song was called “Lil’ Dickie On a Plane”?

Watch the clip to see every bit of hilarity, then be sure to catch Wild ‘N Out every Thursday at 10/9c!