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Russian Ad Agencies Use The Pull-Out Method On Bad Moms Ad Campaign

The advertising slogan, "Do you want some Kunis?" is remarkably similar to the Russian term for "cunnilingus"

It's only September 6, but Russia's already having a long, slow, hard month: According to The Hollywood Reporter, St. Petersburg ad agencies have roughly pulled out of a very, very naughty ad campaign for Bad Moms. Won't somebody help Russia relax?

THR reports that the ad agencies yanked themselves out of the campaign before it had even finished, owing to the "alleged sexual implications" of a planned billboard with the slogan, "Do you want some Kunis?" Apparently, Kunis is not only the last name of Bad Moms' lead Mila Kunis but is also reminiscent of "kunnilingus," which is the Russian word for "cunnilingus," which is a fancy-person word for "going 2 town on Mila Kunis : P."

St. Petersburg legislator Vitaly Milonov (a proud conservative whose name is very similar to the original name for Italy, Vitalia, which means "Land of Cattle," and some people — not necessarily Italian people, but some people — fuck cattle) told online outlet that he was proud of the ad agencies in question for "saving the city's pride." “We couldn’t care less about the distributor’s interests and opinion,” said Milonov, slowly tying a cherry stem with his tongue and pulling it out of his mouth and giggling. "St. Petersburg is the cultural capital, and you shouldn’t bring all kinds of trash here." Later, he clarified, "All kinds of trash will be punished to the full extent of my dick."

Elsewhere in Russia, a "major TV station" bareback-mounted its own high horse and refused to air commercials for Bad Moms during the daytime because of its "sexual content." In the trailer in question, Kunis strokes a man's bare torso, an act that, in Russia, directly causes pregnancy.

The film's Russian distributer, Volga, declined to comment on either matter, because it was too busy fucking.