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Rihanna Is Completely Obsessed With Her Own Twitter Meme

Welcome back, Rhenna

Rihanna loves her stick-figure alter ego Rhenna so much that she’s worn her disappointed little face on a platinum necklace before. And now that Rhenna is a featured Twitter sticker, Rihanna can’t get enough.

Rihanna discovered the Rhenna sticker the night of the VMAs when she plastered the crudely drawn face over her own face in a photo of her first performance. Then, last night (September 1), Rhenna got a little freakier.

That’s one way to use a Twitter sticker.

Rihanna didn’t stop there, though. She invented an alternate universe in which all of her backup musicians for “Love on the Brain” were Rhenna clones. And she’s been retweeting fans who have placed Rhenna in especially appropriate settings.

“Yoooo I’m livin for dese Rhenna stickers!” RiRi wrote over an old, Rhenna-fied photo of herself.

Clearly, Rhenna is giving us all life today.