The Trailer For Netflix’s New Mockumentary Mascots Is Here And It’s Ridiculous

Why yes, that is a giant fist on skates playing a hockey stick like it was an electric guitar

Some mascots are cute. Some mascots are creepy. Some mascots are straight-up offensive. And all mascots are some wacky combination of all of the above in Christopher Guest's latest comedy.

For Mascots — a film that follows in Guest's tradition of hilarious mockumentaries like This Is Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, and more — a group of the most hilarious actors in the game is assembled to don a bunch of furry suits and shake it at ball games in the most R-rated ways possible.

From Parker Posey's Alvin the Armadillo who's good with "all kinds o' dancin'" to Chris O'Dowd's raunchy, grinding Fist, better known as the "Bad Boy of Sports Mascotery," we're introduced to a handful of, erm, enthusiastic characters in the first trailer, as well as the cause that unites them: They're all competing at the World Mascot Association Championships, and only one costumed performer will go home with the gold.

Jane Lynch, Jennifer Coolidge, Guest himself, and a ton of familiar faces from the rest of his movies make appearances here. Mascots hits Netflix on October 13, so place your bets and brush up on your Guest flicks in the meantime.