The 5 Sentences Every Woman On Earth Wants To Hear From A Man

On this week’s Mary + Jane, Paige’s new 'boyfriend' had the perfect line -- every time

Paige finally found the perfect man on tonight’s episode of Mary + Jane -- thanks to a new app that concocted a virtual boyfriend for her.

“Tired of dating frogs instead of princes in Los Angeles? Why date real guys when you can create the perfect guy?” the app’s ad asked. Paige agreed, and after taking a personality quiz to help her find an ideal match, the app introduced her dreamlover: Channing, a brown-haired, blue-eyed cutie.

But he wasn’t just easy on the eyes -- Channing also said everything that every woman on Earth wants to hear, effectively making Paige (and us) putty in his hands. Here are his five best lines:

  1. “I’m here to listen.”

    When Paige complained that, once again, she’d gotten stuck doing Jordan’s “grunt work” -- in this case, sorting giant piles of pot -- Channing showed he completely understood, then offered a body part rarely extended by a man: his ear.

  2. “I don’t want to share you.”

    After a random guy approached Paige during her “dinner date” with Channing, the app hottie admitted his jealousy and proclaimed that no one borrows his bucket in the sandbox.

  3. “You look like a hotter Margot Robbie.”

    Yeah, this guy has it down pat.

  4. “I’m here to please you in every way imaginable.”

    Anyone else just swoon? Paige sure did, especially when her virtual beau revealed how he’d satisfy her between the sheets: “You’ll slip your headphones in,” he said, “because you’re going to need to be hands-free.”

  5. “You look beautiful in anything.”

    During a conversation with Channing, Paige tried on an outfit and, in a variation of the most precarious question in history, asked, “Does this shirt look too tenty?” His response: the five words that every man on Earth needs to memorize right here and right now. Got it? Good.

So tell us: Which of Channing’s lines made YOU swoon the most? And would you have paid $19.99 to continue a perfect relationship with him, like the app demanded? Or, when things went south, would you have shelled out $35 for Channing to get an STD from his new girlfriend (lol) like Paige did? Tell us what you'd do, then tune in for another M+J next Monday at 10/9c!