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Christina Grimmie’s ‘Without Him’ Might Be Her Last-Ever Music Video

The Ballad of Jessica Blue ends on a melancholy note

Christina Grimmie's final video series concludes today (September 1) with the melancholy clip for "Without Him."

In July, Grimmie's family announced that they would be releasing the visual EP the late singer filmed before her untimely death. All four songs on Side A got their own video, and now the fourth has been released.

The last installment of The Ballad of Jessica Blue sees the eponymous character finally performing at the showcase she's been so worried about. She also gets to confront the boyfriend who's been messing around on her, lending some kind of closure to the whole affair.

"Without Him" might be the last music video we ever get to see from Christina Grimmie, which makes its final moments all the more wrenching.