Butch Hartman/YouTube

Fairly OddParents Creator Shares A Never-Before-Seen Show That’s Totally Dynamice

The unaired pilot was supposed to be a Cartoon Network series

Butch Hartman, creator of The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom, has another treat for fans. On Wednesday (August 31), the animator uploaded the never-before-seen pilot of his unaired Cartoon Network series Dynamice to his YouTube channel.

In the two-minute clip, we meet Zip, Skip, Flip, and Hector Gonzalez — whose names remind me of Pac-Man ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde — four mice who became superheroes after a mysterious meteorite crash-landed in a pet store. Hartman described them as “Ninja Turtles, if the Ninja Turtles never did anything.” Here, the fearsome four learn Cat-Atomic’s backstory after the villain attacks the star of Larry Potter with “an atomically hair-based weapon.”

Later in the video, Hartman reveals that the original character designs for the Dynamice were 180 degrees different. Instead of lanky, wimpy-looking guys, the Dynamice were super tough — basically a mouse-version of ThunderCats. Hartman shared the OG drawings and concept art, but admitted he had to completely change the show after Cartoon Network wanted it to be a comedy.

Unfortunately, the show never “materialized,” as Hartman put it, but he did close out his video by asking fans to “tweet about it to Cartoon Network.” So are you listening, Cartoon Network? Are you?!