Demi Lovato Goes Undercover To Surprise Fans With Camp Rock Songs

🎶 This is real, this is me 🎶

Demi Lovato recently revisited her Camp Rock Disney days while chauffeuring around unsuspecting fans. In between her Future Now tour stops with Nick Jonas, she pretended to be a Denver Lyft driver for funzies.

"I actually really want to be a singer someday," Lovato told one passenger while undercover. "Like, I've actually been traveling the country with my ex-boyfriend's brother because he sings, too. And so we really want to kind of get our names out there at open mic nights and, like, whatever we can do."

Before revealing her identity, she even sang along to Camp Rock songs with one superfan. Then when the sunglasses came off, everyone collectively freaked out when they realized that yep, they were just carpool karaoke-ing with Demi Lovato.

Watch it all go down in the video below.