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36 Things That Could Have Been

Dolphin wedding?!?!

This afternoon, a mysterious website appeared at, with a countdown to September 9. Our imaginations here at MTV News immediately ran wild. What could it be? Our best guesses, below.

  1. Joint album
  2. Co-headlining tour
  3. Tour where Drake opens for Rihanna
  4. Rihanna tour where Drake is in the audience, but, like, with nice seats
  5. OVO x Rihanna fashion line
  6. Wedding registry
  7. Debut album from Google-optimized pop newcomer Drake Andrihanna
  8. Aliens who are smarter than us pretending to be Rihanna and Drake for brainwashing purposes
  9. Pregnancy announcement
  10. Joint dolphin
  11. Cheesecake Factory’s new menu items revealed
  12. Russian hackers attempting to influence the election
  13. The real identity of the Zodiac killer
  14. A joint Etsy account where they both sell bedazzled wine glasses
  15. Dank memes
  16. ANOTHER “Work” video
  17. Affordable tuxedo rental service
  18. Apology for Views
  19. Open letter to Ciara from Rihanna
  20. Printable adult coloring book starring OVO signees
  21. Rihanna and Drake announce they write together as Elena Ferrante
  22. Really cool sandwich recipe
  23. Vlog from Miranda July
  24. The video from The Ring
  25. Capsule line of Jet Skis
  26. Beyoncé and Jay Z fan fiction they wrote
  27. A Tumblr, just for fun
  28. Announcing their 2020 counter-Kanye bid for the Canadian presidency or whatever you call the person who is in charge of Canada
  29. Line of tasteful sweats for Kohl’s
  30. Reality show that requires a Tidal subscription
  31. Live stream of them helping Frank Ocean build a yurt
  32. Ponzi scheme
  33. A webstore where you can get Herbalife directly from them
  34. Cult
  35. Videos of them prank calling Taylor Swift
  36. Literally nothing