Random Revelry: What Would You Do If You Could Take Over L.A. For A Day?

Paige and Jordan got the chance on 'Mary + Jane' -- and went buckwild

Picture it: All of Los Angeles is deserted for the day, and the City of Angels is officially your own personal playground. How would you paint the town red?

On tonight’s Mary + Jane, Paige and Jordan faced that very question when everyone but them was at Coachella, leaving the pot-selling duo with a wide-open terrain and countless ways to run amuck amuck amuck.

And sure enough, our girls didn’t disappoint. Here are the top five ways Paige and Jordan went buckwild in L.A.:

  1. They channeled their inner rock stars.

    Joan Jett, you have been warned.

  2. They played softball -- with cupcakes.

    And when that got dull, they batted an entire cake. Just because they could.

  3. They became looters.

    Paige stole a local business’ signage; Jordan snagged a wax figure of Johnny Depp. Editor’s note: Kids, don’t try this at home -- it’s kind of illegal.

  4. They went topless.

    We’re guessing that restaurant didn’t have a very strict dress code.

  5. They did cartwheels.

    Because when you’re running amuck, cartwheels are a given.

What would you do if you could take over L.A. for a day? Tell us how you’d wreak havoc, then be sure to catch another Mary + Jane Monday at 10/9c!