Why Did Farrah Get Emotional During That Teen Mom OG Exchange With Debra?

The mother-daughter shared a sweet moment during this week's episode

Farrah and her mom Debra have argued through the years on Teen Mom OG and have openly worked to repair their relationship thanks to counseling and better communication methods. And during this week's episode, viewers witnessed proof of their hard work to better their bond.

More context about the sentimental moment (relive it above): While flipping through a family photo album during a visit home with mini-me Sophia, Farrah found a letter that her parent wrote shortly after her birth. Debra expressed that she waited a "long time" to have Farrah, God had blessed her greatly with a daughter and she loved her offspring so much. As soon as Farrah stopped reading, the 25-year-old could not hold in her tears as she embraced her mom.

What made Farrah so emotional during the aforementioned scene?

"It just reminds me a lot of how much I love my baby, and it helps me let go of some of the transitional years where we used to fight a lot," Farrah reflected to MTV News. "Now we’re in a better place, so it just really meant a lot as a mom to another mom. We love each other so much."

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