Andrea Russett Has A Catfish Emergency

In this week’s episode, the YouTube sensation needs to put an end to one conniving impersonator

Andrea Russett is known for expressing her thoughts on YouTube — and a video featuring the internet sensation complaining about a troubling online impersonator caught the eye of the folks behind the scenes at Catfish.

In a sneak peek from this week's episode (premiering tomorrow, don't miss it!), Nev and Max receive an email from the long-running series' casting department urging them to check out a buzzworthy clip. When they discover it features the digital celebrity, they immediately express their interest.

"I follow this girl!" Max exclaims in the video above, while Nev says he knows of the YouTuber too. It's a small world, after all.

While the Andrea upload isn't directed at the MTV hosts, the duo know it's right up their alley. In fact, folks who viewed the viral vid commented that she should recruit Nev and Max to track down the cyber crook.

So what exactly is happening to Andrea? And will Nev and Max be able to help her uncover the mystery? Watch the rest of the teaser — and be sure to catch Catfish tomorrow at 10/9c!