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Unquestionable Proof That The Illuminati Controlled The 2016 VMAs

Fire! Manipulation! Formation! Ahh!

It’s time we all admit it (again): The Illuminati control the VMAs.

We said it first in 2014, the year Nicki Minaj sang about snakes and the stage resembled a hypnotic spiral. Then we proved it in 2015, when Demi Lovato alluded to human sacrifice and The Weeknd lit the stage on fire. Last night’s raucous VMA bash was no different, and we have the evidence (read: occult symbolism and subliminal messages) to prove it.

Check out these seven signs that prove the not-so-secret society were pulling all the strings inside Madison Square Garden:

  1. Beyoncé set the stage ablaze.
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    Much like The Weeknd’s fiery performance last year, flames were a big motif during Bey’s transfixing medley. She capped it off by sitting inside a literal ring of fire and basically declaring that she had no more worlds to conquer (because the ’nati have clearly already taken over our world — now you know!).

  2. Future wanted us to see a (bright red) future with him.
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    With the stage bathed in blood-red hues, the rapper attempted to guide us into an Illuminati-controlled future with his performance of “Fuck Up Some Commas.” How else could you explain the combination of the society’s favorite color scheme and a song touting excess and riches (remember, the ’nati is basically comprised of today’s wealthiest influencers, a.k.a. famous people with a lot of commas in their bank accounts). We’re onto you, Future.

  3. Britney Spears was being handled.
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    Brit’s triumphant return to the VMA stage was masked by a blatant show of manipulation at the hands of the Illuminati. While performing “Make Me...” (which, by the way, is a song all about being controlled), a bunch of huge, shadowy hands hovered over her, driving home that whole “mind control” theme the ’nati adore so much. LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

  4. There were threes everywhere.
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    Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s “Side to Side” heavily references a tricycle, and Chance the Rapper left nothing up to debate by wearing a baseball cap with the number “3” emblazoned it. OK, yes, he’s been wearing that hat for a while, in reference to his third mixtape, Coloring Book ... but how do you know that’s the only reason he loves the number three? The dude’s Kanye’s hand-picked protégé, after all, and Ye knows a thing or two about the Illuminati ...

  5. Kanye West’s entire speech established him as a ’nati leader.
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    After revealing the Illuminati’s agenda at last year’s VMAs, Kanye was back in standard mouthy mode at this year’s bash. This time around, he called himself a “role model” and put himself on a pedestal with heavyweight influencers of the past, like Steve Jobs and Walt Disney. If you think those guys weren’t in the Illuminati too, it’s time to wake up, Mr. West!

  6. There was red and black everywhere.
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    The society’s two favorite colors (and also the most satanic, let’s be real) were worn by Alicia Keys, Rita Ora, DJ Khaled, and more celebs throughout the night. Hmm ... new fashion trend or glaring attempt at showing their allegiance to an elitist, totalitarian one-world government?!

  7. Beyoncé’s “Formation” won the biggest award of the night.
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    The Moonman for Video of the Year went to a song that’s basically one long call to join an army, a movement, a society. The Illuminati want us to get in formation behind them ... and honestly, with someone as influential as Beyoncé putting out the call, it’s so hard to say no. Sorry. (I ain't sorry.)

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