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Justin Bieber Plays Take-Backsies With His Instagram Account

FINE, we didn't want to see those cute puppy videos anyway

[Editor's note: This piece has been updated]

Justin Bieber's departure from Instagram didn't last too long, and it's a good thing, too, because those videos he posted of that tiny furball are cute. But what the Biebs taketh, he giveth away, and apparently reviving his Insta was "an accident."

Earlier this month, Bieber threatened to delete his Instagram account when his fans let loose with a torrent of nasty comments aimed at Sofia Richie, the current object of his affections. The couple traveled together to Tokyo, and pics of their trip were flooded with snake emojis and hurtful words almost as soon as they landed. Bieber made good on his word, deleted his account, and cut off the hate, only to reactive his Insta in the middle of the night on August 29.

He didn't mark the occasion with a new post, but that's fine because that page is no longer available anyway. Sigh. At least it isn't covered in reptilian emojis and mean words.

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