Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Mariah Carey Gets Serious In The Studio In New Empire Trailer

When Mimi says you got a ‘trick up your sleeve,’ she’s probably right

The newest preview hyping the upcoming third season of Empire is here, and it features none other than the (not so) elusive chanteuse herself, Mariah Carey.

In the clip, Mariah makes not one, but two appearances, and alongside two of the show’s biggest characters. First we see her put patriarch Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) in his place with an unblinking “You’ve always got a trick up your sleeve.” Looks like Cookie’s gonna get a run for her money with Mimi ...

Then Mariah is shown in the studio alongside Jamal (Jussie Smollett). Though Mariah’s been busy with her own show, Mariah’s World, it appears that her television interests have expanded beyond reality TV and into one of the best dramatic series on the air.

Does this mean we’ll have more than a passing glimpse of Mariah and her untouchable whistle tones in the coming weeks? Here’s hoping that’s a yesssss darling, as the Lambily will be oh so thrilled to have an excuse to tune in to the show’s season premiere on September 21.