“Speed Dial,” Episode 13: Rock the Boat

Also discussed: what do we do with a problem like Nate Parker, and trifling co-workers

Hello Speeddialers! Ira Madison III and Doreen St. Félix return with another episode of “Speed Dial with Ira and Doreen,” MTV’s bicoastal podcast about music, pop culture, sex, and race.

On deck this week, Ira and Doreen grapple with the Nate Parker debacle. If you're not all caught up, the director of the much-hyped Birth of a Nation has taken an offensive approach to dealing with the fallout from an alleged rape in his past. Ira and Doreen question Parker's intentions and the larger idea that black people are so starved for representation that they have to support the work of deeply problematic straight black men. Next, they figuratively pour one out for the one and only Aaliyah — this week marks the 15th anniversary of her death. Through her music, her style, and her beauty, your hosts argue that Aaliyah is the prototype for every pop star around. Lastly, Ira and Doreen answer a feedback question about how to approach a trash-talking co-worker.

Introducing “Feedback,” Speed Dial’s advice hotline! Have a question you want Ira and Doreen to answer? Leave them a voicemail at 424-354-9335. And check out “Speed Dial with Ira and Doreen” here on SoundCloud or subscribe on iTunes.