Feast Your Eyes On The Steamiest Kisses From This Year’s VMA-Nominated Videos

For your GIF-viewing pleasure 💋💋💋

Of all the crazy categories at the MTV Video Music Awards, "Best Kiss" is sadly not included (we leave that one to the Movie Awards). But if there were a Moonman recognizing the steamiest smooches, it'd be an extra-heated category. How do we know? Because this year's batch of VMA-nominated videos were chock-full of kisses that'll make you feel like a "peeping Tom" just for watching.

Feast your eyes on the eight hottest kisses from 2016's VMA contenders below, in easily re watchable GIF form. (Go ahead and play them over and over, no one will know.)

  1. Zayn - “Pillowtalk”

    You can’t fake this chemistry, folks! Zayn and Gigi Hadid confirmed their real-life relationship in a huge way when this vid premiered, making their steamy make-out sesh look even hotter with kaleidoscopic effects out the wazoo. Slay, ZayGi, slay.

  2. Afrojack ft. Mike Taylor - “SummerThing!”

    What starts out looking like your typical desert-set, debauchery-filled rave soon turns into a wedding reception outside a gas station, where this cute couple plant one on each other and then ride away in a convertible that doubles as a hot tub. #WeddingGoals much?!

  3. Ariana Grande - “Into You”

    VMA performer Ari pulls a Whitney Houston and gets caught up in a whirlwind romance with her bodyguard, who’s the perfect “bad boy” foil to our boho-chic gal. He rides a motorcycle, wears a bandana around his head, is all tatted up, and takes her to a desert motel where they basically just make out a lot. Get it, girl.

  4. Troye Sivan - “Fools” (from Blue Neighborhood video series)

    The Aussie singer’s Blue Neighbourhood series is visually stunning but emotionally devastating. That passionate kiss is perhaps the warmest moment in the entire thing, and — spoiler alert! — precedes a lot of heartbreak for poor Troye. Oh, what could’ve been... :(

  5. Beyoncé - “All Night Long” (from Lemonade video series)

    OK, so this one’s less “steamy” and more sweet, but any documented kiss between Beyoncé and her boo Jay Z is worth your time. By the time “All Night Long” rolls around — as the penultimate song on Lemonade — fans were craving proof of the couple’s commitment, and sharing a clip from their wedding night was Bey’s way of saying, “Everyone chill, we’re still the Bonnie & Clyde you know and love.” Whew!

  6. Panic! At the Disco - “Victorious”

    Life’s pretty gravy for Brendon Urie in this larger-than-life vid, which shows him winning a boxing match, scoring a $1 million check, popping Champagne, and getting the girl at the end. That kiss just seals the deal.

  7. Alesso ft. Nico & Venz - “I Wanna Know”

    This action-packed saga of a love triangle between Alesso, his stunt double, and the girl they both love ends with a post-motorcycle-crash kiss that’s simply steamy. (But sad for the underdog. Womp, womp.)

  8. Chris Brown - “Back to Sleep” (from Royalty video series)

    I mean... it doesn’t get hotter than shower kisses. It just doesn’t.

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