Christina Grimmie

Christina Grimmie’s New Jessica Blue Video Is Her Most Heartbreaking Yet

'Deception' is a difficult song to get through

The third video from Christina Grimmie's posthumous short film, The Ballad of Jessica Blue, is here, and it's heartbreaking.

So far, we've seen Jessica vent to her friends about her wishy-washy boyfriend. Then, in a supernatural turn of events, she discovered he was dating her glamorous alter ego.

"Deception" picks up with Jessica stressing about her upcoming showcase, which could make or break her music career. She's distracted by all the self-doubt and betrayal on her mind, so she turns to her grandmother for advice.

"There are some things you can never lose once you find them," she wisely says. "Your voice is one of them."

Grandma's right. Grimmie's voice lives on.