Ryan Lewis/YouTube / Courtesy of The Hillywood Show®/Photographer: © CE Mitchell Photo

Here’s How The Hillywood Show Used Macklemore For The Perfect Sherlock Parody

Benedict Cumberbatch would be proud

The BBC series Sherlock and Macklemore's music had probably never crossed paths before popular YouTube stars Hilly and Hannah Hindy of The Hillywood Show made history. Their newest parody video takes them across the world to 221B Baker Street, where the sisters got the BBC's permission to film at actual Sherlock locations such as North Gower Street, Speedy's Café, and Bristol South Swimming Pool.

While their previous parodies took approximately two to three months to complete, this one lasted five months because they had to wait for U.K. locations to become available and for certain sets to be finished. This was their first time filming outside the U.S.

“The biggest challenge was getting permission to shoot on the actual locations,” the sisters told MTV News via email. That in and of itself is amazing, as is the official Sherlock Twitter sharing their creation, but Hilly and Hannah took it a step further by parodying Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's “Thrift Shop.” It took the sisters a month to rewrite the rappers' lyrics to fit in with the Sherlock theme, and every single line is a bloody perfect reference.

“Hilly knew she needed a song that matched the pace and speed of Sherlock's dialect when solving crime scenes in his mind palace,” the sisters said. “Macklemore's ‘Thrift Shop’ had that.” Charlie Hopkinson, a vocal talent they found on YouTube, provided the voice of Sherlock. And Sherlock co-creator and writer Steven Moffat makes a fun cameo in the video, while Supernatural's Osric Chau plays Moriarty and Harry Potter's Chris Rankin plays Mycroft.

The Hillywood Show also shared an extensive behind-the-scenes video and a video diary, which you should definitely check out now.

Courtesy of The Hillywood Show®/Photographer: © CE Mitchell Photo

Hannah as John Watson and Hilly as Sherlock Holmes.