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Relive All The Fun Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, And His Snake Had At The 2011 VMAs

Fond, fond memories

Now that we don't have Justin Bieber's Instagram to stare at for hours at a time, we've had to scavenge and find Bieber-related content elsewhere. Thankfully, while conducting "research" for the 2016 Video Music Awards, we came across this clip: Justin, Selena Gomez, and a special reptilian guest on the 2011 red carpet.

That year, Selena cohosted the pre-show, which meant she had to interview her then-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Selena kept things very professional, even when Justin introduced her to his accessory for the night — a tiny snake. Though this kiss JB sneaks in at the end is cute, the best part of the video is when he reveals that the flesh-colored snake's name is Johnson ... and then waits for Selena to laugh.

If anything can ease the pain of losing Biebs's Instagram, it's clips like these. Thank god for the VMAs, right?

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