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The Rings Trailer Is Terrifying Nightmare Fuel For The YouTube Generation

Our favorite creepy little ghost girl is back!

A lot has changed since The Ring Two, the 2005 sequel to the psychological horror film The Ring, was released. For instance, VHS players are literally extinct. But don’t worry: Despite spending her days trapped inside of a murder well, Samara was able to convert her VHS tape to digital before the crash. How fortunate for all of us.

Enter Rings, the long-overdue third installment of the Ring franchise. Based on the newly released trailer, Rings looks like a horror film for the YouTube generation. In this iteration, a young woman explores the dark subculture surrounding a mysterious video said to kill the watcher seven days after viewing it. In order to save her boyfriend from Samara’s wrath, she sacrifices herself, but in doing so — PLOT TWIST — she discovers that “there is a movie within the movie that no one has ever seen before.” (Girl, you should have just let your dumb-ass boyfriend die.)

Sure, learning more about Samara’s origins is cool, but since when has the stringy-haired ghost girl been able to take down an entire airplane? Calm down, Samara. You are not a supervillain.

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Rings crawls into theaters October 28.