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Emma Stone Sings About Falling In Love With Ryan Gosling In New La La Land Trailer

'Here's to the mess we make'

La La Land is already shaping up to be one of the most devastating movies of the year. I know that I'm basing this assumption on a few beautiful, sweeping trailers, but trust me: You will not be the same after watching the latest teaser for Damien Chazelle's forthcoming big-screen musical starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. It's that good.

Here, Stone takes center stage as a struggling actress living and falling in love in Los Angeles. Of course, when the object of your affection is Gosling, how bad can life really be? "Here's to the mess we make," Stone sings. Yes, here's to the mess that is Gosling's perfectly tousled hair and Stone's beautiful mascara tears, indeed.

In La La Land, which is being described as a "modern take on the Hollywood musical," Gosling and Stone play a pair of artists — him, a jazz pianist; her, an actress — who fall in love in the City of Angels. But eventually, the pressures of trying to make it big in Hollywood threaten to ruin their fragile love affair.

So it's like The Last Five Years, only somehow more devastating. Prepare your emotions accordingly.

La La Land hits theaters December 2, 2016.