Teen Mom OG Tears: Was Maci Surprised By Bentley's Emotional Reaction To Her Engagement?

Find out what the young mother thought of the extra-special moment

Maci and her son Bentley have endured many milestone occasions together -- and during this week's premiere Teen Mom OG episode, the seven-year-old got to share his mother's engagement to her longtime beau Taylor and got a bit teary-eyed as he embraced his parent post-proposal. But did his reaction surprise his glowing mama?

"On the day that we got engaged, I wasn't surprised that Bentley was excited, but I was kind of shocked that he was so emotional about it," Maci reveals in the video clip above. "Like it was a weight that was lifted off of his shoulders which, at the time, made me kind of sad -- but then again, I was super-excited that he was so excited about it."

Does Bentley usually show how he is feeling, or does he keep those sentiments bottled up inside? Hear the Tennessean open up about her oldest child in the clip, and be sure to keep watching Maci (as she plans her nuptials and prepares for Baby No. 3) all season long on Teen Mom OG on Mondays at 9/8c!