Beyoncé’s New Lemonade Behind-The-Scenes Pics Are Museum-Worthy

Plus, check out her batch of zesty new merch 🍋🍋🍋

Four months after the surprise release of her visual album Lemonade, Beyoncé is giving her dedicated Beyhive an intimate look at the project’s behind-the-scenes magic.

Over the weekend, Beyoncé updated her website with dozens of pics and GIFs from each chapter of the VMA-nominated Lemonade. Among the most notable frozen moments are outtakes of Serena Williams twerking and candid shots of Blue Ivy and Jay Z playing football, but there’s one image in particular that’s frankly museum-worthy. This one’s from the setup of “Hold Up” (a.k.a. the vid with the baseball bat and the gorgeous mustard-colored gown), and it shows our girl gleefully frolicking in Uggs while holding up a “Boycott Beyoncé” sign.

Someone get this thing in the Smithsonian, STAT.

Along with her new digital album of pics, Beyoncé also released a slew of lemony new Lemonade merch to quench your thirst. The new items include hats, hoodies, bodysuits, phone cases, and more, many of which are adorned with lemons and quotes from “Sorry” and “Hold Up.”

Peruse the whole collection on Beyoncé’s website here.