Dave Lee/GC Images

North West Is Having A Way Better Summer Vacation Than You Are

Who *doesn’t* want to dance around a restaurant wearing fairy wings?

North West is in Mexico with her mom, Kim Kardashian, and her baby brother, Saint, and she is thriving to the point where she makes the rest of us feel inadequate on the R&R front.

On August 19, Kim Snapchatted a few hilarious scenes while at dinner with friends and her daughter. A mariachi band was playing, and she took a quick dance break from the meal to hit the floor with North.

North — bouncing around in pajamas and a pair of purple fairy wings — could’ve danced all night long, from the looks of it. The band keyed up a version of Ritchie Valens’s classic “La Bamba,” and North went nuts dancing to it.

That wasn’t enough, though: She paused for a moment, and one of the string players in the band offered up an impromptu violin lesson for little North.

So that settles it: North West is not only probably a better dresser than all of us, but a total pro when it comes to enjoying every last minute of her summer vacay.