Usher Boxes And Bares His Butt In Hands Of Stone Trailer

The singer gets dramatic as boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard

It looks like there’s “no limit” to how far Usher can stretch his talents.

In the midst of prepping his upcoming album Flawed, the R&B heavyweight has also found time to star in the upcoming boxing flick Hands of Stone. The film, which costars Robert De Niro, is a dramatic depiction of Sugar Ray Leonard (Usher) and Roberto Duran’s (Edgar Ramirez) storied rivalry. It’s worth noting that the protagonist in this particular story is Duran, meaning you’ll probably find yourself rooting against poor Ush.

In the film’s new red-band trailer (read: definitely NSFW!), there’s way less boxing and way more stripping, as the focus seems to be on the men’s romantic endeavors. Blink and you’ll miss it, but there’s even a cameo from Usher’s bare butt. Like we said, this is NSFW, people!

Usher previously told MTV News about the role, “Playing Sugar Ray Leonard is not an easy role. You have to really be fast, quick, and I had to drop a little weight. That’s probably the hardest part of the entire thing. And then obviously his boxing — he was incredible. One of the fastest ever, and the smoothest and prettiest.”

You can see the smooth, pretty fruits of Usher's labor when Hands of Stone hits theaters on August 26.