Jeff Kravitz/KCA2010/FilmMagic

What’s Going On With Frankie Jonas’s Instagram?

His Instas look way different now

Is Frankie Jonas OK? That’s what fans want to know after he deleted all his Instagram pics and started uploading white, blank placeholders instead. The 15-year-old “Bonus Jonas” does have two pics — a dark one of himself wearing sunglasses and another one of the sky — but that’s it. The rest are blank, as seen from this zoomed-out screenshot of his entire Instagram arsenal.

Naturally, fans are totally confused about the whole thing — not to mention annoyed because they keep refreshing the page way too many times, thinking the blank pics are just a glitch. There are a few ~theories~ floating around, such as that he’s trying out a new theme or he just broke up with his girlfriend.

His captions are also, um, interesting. The first pic, uploaded August 12, had the caption: “there’s a physical past and there’s a physical future but now is only now.” The next one had “i am nothing without my past and i’m nothing without my future but for now i am only now,” while the most recent pic from Thursday (August 18) said “beauty is a concept outside of mortal words.”

When searched in Google, none of these captions appear to be direct quotes from something. People are very confused, Frankie.

The youngest Jonas brother also deleted all his previous tweets and is apparently starting over. And you know what? More power to him, because I think we all need a fresh start from time to time.