Good Luck Ever Taking The ‘Shame’ Nun From Game Of Thrones Seriously Again

She got super into a game of Heads Up! with Lancel and Tommen

Game of Thrones isn’t known as a particularly happy-go-lucky show. Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Sansa Stark’s (Sophie Turner) long-overdue reunion was about the only feel-good moment during Season 6 — well, except for antics occurring off-camera.

On Thursday (August 18), Lancel Lannister (Eugene Simon) came back from the dead and shared a hilarious and kind of shocking behind-the-scenes video of himself, King Tommen (Dean-Charles Chapman), the ‘Shame’ Nun (Hannah Waddingham), and the High Sparrow (Jonathan Pryce) playing a rousing game of Heads Up!, (Ellen DeGeneres’s version of Catch Phrase).

As Simon desperately tried to guess the words, Waddingham, Chapman, and Pryce made bizarre animal sounds and smiled more during this short video than during all of Season 6. At one point, Waddingham accidentally said the word before Simon could even guess. Shame.

Fans were loving this other side of the GoT cast, but one person had the best comment for Simon: “Maybe if you weren’t busy playing heads up, you would’ve been able to blow out those candles....” 😂

And if you can handle more GoT shenanigans, Olly (Brenock O’Connor) recently dressed up for “punk night,” sporting gelled hair, some Willy Wonka–looking glasses, and nose and lip piercings. Looks like in his next life, Olly came back as a rocker.