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Watch Britney Spears Put On A ‘Freakshow’ For Colton Haynes

‘That ass!’

Britney Spears had no idea who Colton Haynes was when she pulled him onstage with her last night, but he ended up making a major impression as “Britney’s bitch.”

During Spears’s Piece of Me residency show in Las Vegas, she plucked the Arrow and former Teen Wolf star from the crowd during her saucy “Freakshow” performance. Like Nicole Richie and Mario Lopez before him, Haynes was strapped into a leather harness while Spears sultrily paraded around him.

“That was so much fun, oh my God! Thank you for coming up here and dancing with us,” the “Do You Wanna Come Over?” singer said to Haynes after the performance. “What’s your name? Colton? Give it up for Colton everyone! You’re an amazing dancer, oh my goodness.”

Haynes may not have gotten immediate name recognition from Brit, but he definitely snagged the singer’s attention. “Wow, call me anytime,” Spears told him as he left the stage. “Everyone’s so beautiful — and his ass!”

Haynes later shared a video of the memorable moment on Instagram, and bragged gushed about it on Twitter.

For more of Spears’s sexy, silly antics, make sure you catch her return to the VMA stage on August 28, just two days after her ninth album, Glory, drops.