5 Reasons The Series Premiere of Mary + Jane Was Totally Dope

See what we did there?

Now that was an all-time high.

MTV just premiered its new pot-themed comedy, Mary + Jane, which follows two drug dealers legal prescription delivery service owners as they attempt to build their business, find love and navigate the celebrity-filled world of Los Angeles.

So what did we think of the debut episode? We’re still giggling (and no, we didn’t do anything that would also give us a case of the munchies). Here are the top five reasons Mary + Jane is one of our new favorites:

  1. The chemistry

    Jordan and Paige -- aka the women behind Mary + Jane -- are so symbiotic, they literally complete each other’s sentences. Case in point: when Jordan announces that porn has encouraged men to “finish” in a less-than-loving way and a PSA is needed to stop them. Said Paige immediately: “Brought to you by every woman’s face in America.”

  2. The big tease

    So far, we’ve heard plenty about Paige’s ex: he’s a popular graffiti artist/DJ -- people actually pose with his drawings of ice cream cones -- who just cut off his man bun and is looking so good these days, he’s probably doing CrossFit. Oh yeah, he also has a “huge” penis. But will we actually see the man known as Softs3rve in the, um, flesh? Seriously, we haven’t been this curious since Mrs. Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory, Wilson on Home Improvement and Vera from Cheers.

  3. Jordan's expert advice

    When the blunt brunette told Paige that the best way to forget about Softs3rve is to engage in random sex, she summed it up eloquently: “You need to f*ck him out of your system.”

  4. The running gags

    First up: the girls’ horndog, whose whimpers -- translated by subtitles -- constantly reveal his sexual obsession with Paige. Second: the lost Capuchin monkey who finally turned up and “ruined” Paige’s hookup (hey, at least that guy didn’t think “Tumbles” was a safeword).

  5. The celebrity 'cameo'

    After getting an anonymous weed order from an uber-famous couple, Paige and Jordan pieced together the clues to their identity: She’s a Best Supporting Actress winner, he’s a movie star who “basically rebuilt Haiti with his bare hands” and together, they have a gaggle of six (we counted) kids. But when the power couple was finally shown, they didn’t look like we’d expected. “Without all the makeup and costumes, we’re really just normal people,” the crypt keeper actress explained. Yeah, we’re hoping you-know-who have a really good sense of humor.

What was your favorite part of Mary + Jane? And are you hoping to get a gander at Softs3rve? Tell us what you think, then get ready for another episode next Monday at 10/9c!

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