Gigi Hadid Is Low-Key Today’s Leading Music Video Starlet

She basically deserves an honorary VMA

Musicians of the world, listen up: If you want to make a music video that’s visually stunning, narratively captivating, and ultimately VMA-worthy, just hire Gigi Hadid.

For almost three years, the model’s been slowly but surely building an impressive music video résumé that’s every VMA hopeful’s dream. Sure, most of the videos were for her then-boyfriends or friends, but that doesn’t negate her stunning screen presence. In fact, the 21-year-old is in two of this year’s coolest VMA-nominated videos: Calvin Harris and Disciples’s “How Deep Is Your Love,” up for Best Electronic Video, and Zayn’s “Pillowtalk,” nominated for Best Visual Effects. Plus, she had a cameo in last year’s VMA-winning “Bad Blood.” Not a bad résumé at all.

To properly honor Gigi’s burgeoning music video domination, let’s take a look at her entire collection of credits:

  1. “Surfboard” - Cody Simpson (2014)

    Back when Gigi was one-half of the golden-haired, teen-dream couple known as “Cogi,” she made her music video debut in her boo’s summery “Surfboard” visual. The song’s kind of a dud (unless you enjoy hearing the word “board” uttered in Auto-Tune approximately 342 times in a row), but the couple’s sizzling chemistry is impossible to peel your eyes from.


  2. “Simplethings” - Miguel (2014)

    The couple that wears dope leather jackets together stays together. That’s the lesson pushed upon us in Miguel’s dreamy video, in which Gigi wanders the streets of Hollywood with the wolf from Game of Thrones (no, really!), and then meets her boo at the beach to enjoy the “simple things” in life.


  3. “Bad Blood” - Taylor Swift (2015)

    As a card-carrying member of Taylor Swift’s #Squad, Gigi was obviously called upon to lend her talents to her BFF’s dramatic, star-studded visual. Assuming her alter ego “Slay-Z,” Gigi showed just how lethal a compact mirror can be, and carried an assault rifle like it was no big thang. And when “Bad Blood” took home the VMA for Video of the Year, Gigi was there to revel in her squad’s domination.


  4. “Flower” - Cody Simpson (2015)

    Just months before her breakup with Simpson, Gigi starred in another one of his videos, but admittedly didn’t have a lot to do. Her role basically involved looking tired and bored on a couch while Simpson showed off his best John Mayer impression. Ahh, the dreary life of a musician’s girlfriend.


    (told you she didn't have a lot to do)

  5. “How Deep Is Your Love” - Calvin Harris (2015)

    Otherwise known as “the video where Gigi makes a lot of confused and sexy faces in locales of varying seediness.” This one’s a doozy: She wakes up in a creepy laboratory (with a suspiciously perfect blow-out), then wanders through a neon-lit rave, a snazzy yacht and pool party, a grimy biker-filled motel, and a beach bonfire. She looks like she’s seeing everything for the first time, which makes sense, because her beauty is otherworldly, TBH.


  6. “Cake By the Ocean” - DNCE (2015)

    Gigi doesn’t actually appear in this vid, but she did direct it, which is admittedly way more impressive. As the first single from Joe Jonas’s new band, this vid had a lot riding on it, and Gigi nailed it by helming a funny, goofy, party-inspiring visual that takes the song name 100 percent literally. Jonas, whom she was dating at the time, told People the concept was all her idea, calling her “a badass” with a megaphone. Sure, their relationship didn’t last, but the video’s still as fun as ever.


    (look carefully and you'll see her name get a shout-out at the bottom)

  7. “Pillowtalk” - Zayn (2016)

    In perhaps her steamiest — but least demanding — role to date, Gigi cozied up to her IRL boyfriend for the kaleidoscopic video for his debut solo single. Up until that point, the discreet couple hadn’t publicly confirmed their relationship, so seeing them passionately make out in the vid made a strong statement, to say the least.