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Young Thug’s New Name Is Also His Old Name, Kind Of

But he might only change it for a week

Young Thug’s rap moniker may not be tailor-made for corporate America, but it does roll off the tongue rather easily, and it hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of rap’s biggest young stars and working with brands like Puma and Calvin Klein.

What doesn’t come out quite as smoothly is his potential name change: No, My Name Is Jeffery.

The news first came during a recent interview Lyor Cohen, the president of Thug’s (No, My Name Is Jeffery’s?) label, 300, gave on the “Rap Radar Podcast.” "Young Thug is not going to be Young Thug anymore. His new name is going to be ‘No, My Name is Jeffery,’” Cohen said.

In some ways, that’s very literal: Thugger”s birth name is, indeed, Jeffery. It’s also the title of his upcoming project.

“It’s a circular thing; it’s important,” Cohen added. “No, My Name is Jeffery is on its way. Please respect us to actually segue and utilize his name going forward because it’s important.”

Appearing on Travis Scott’s Beats 1 Radio show on Monday night, Thugger added his own take on the name.

“I’m Jeffery for one fucking week,” he said. “If I don’t sell a 100,000 copies, [that’s it].”

So, it’s up to: You can help Thug remain Jeffery by buying Jeffery when it comes out.