First Listen: Travis Scott Just Dropped A Remake Of 'Antidote'

Wild ‘N Out-style, that is

Anyone in the mood for dessert?

Let's hope either Hitman Holla or Travis Scott are: The two play a game of Pie Or Die on Thursday’s episode of Wild 'N Out. In the sneak peek, below, each is given a specific word and tasked with freestyling about it; if they aren’t on point, they get -- you guessed it --– a pie in the face.

For his part, Hitman gets saddled with the word "parasite." Meanwhile, Travis gets to concoct a rap about an "antidote." Seriously, how fair is THAT?

So who comes out on top -- and who gets a pie to the face? Watch the clip to find out, then be sure to catch Wild ‘N Out Thursday at 10/9c!