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Sophie Turner’s New Wolf Tattoo Would Make Ned Stark Proud

(Don't worry — it’s only temporary)

Sophie Turner isn’t in Westeros anymore.

Taking full advantage of her extended hiatus from Game of Thrones, Turner debuted a dramatic new look on Instagram: platinum blonde locks and a sizable wolf tattoo on her upper left arm. We guess Turner is taking Summer’s death harder than we thought — just kidding. It’s for a film she’s currently shooting in Los Angeles. (Though the actress did adopt Lady after her unfortunate death on the show back in Season 1, so we know her direwolf love runs deep.)

Turner’s new look is for Eric England’s new indie drama, Huntsville, in which she stars as Josie, a high school student who’s recently transplanted to a sleepy Florida town where she begins a questionable relationship with a solitary man named Hank (Dylan McDermott). Inappropriate relationships with questionable men? Doesn’t sound like anything Sansa Stark would be familiar with.

Earlier this summer, Turner starred in X-Men: Apocalypse as a young Jean Grey, and with several more films in production, we’re glad that she’s keeping herself busy in Hollywood. After all, with Game of Thrones in its final stretch, things are about to get bloody.