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This App Will Alert You When Frank Ocean’s New Album Finally Drops

It can’t predict when ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ will magically appear, but it can tell you when it does

Frank Ocean fans, rejoice: You don’t have to stay home with your eyes glued to your Apple Music account, constantly refreshing Twitter until you see that Boys Don’t Cry has finally, finally been released.

There’s now an app that’ll do that for you.

Thanks to Shahzeb’s (650)82OCEAN, all you have to do is provide your cell number or email address so that (650)82OCEAN can drop you a line as soon as the album is out. (650)82OCEAN combs iTunes, Spotify, and Twitter, grabs a link to the album once it’s surfaced on the internet, and will send it via text or email to those who sign up.

Over 12,000 (!) users are leaving their Boys Don’t Cry search party up to (650)82OCEAN, which updates users on how frequently it checks for new info over at its website. It scrolls through various feeds every few minutes, so rest assured your hopes and Ocean-penned dreams are in good hands.