Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BT PR

Adele Isn’t Playing The Super Bowl For One Simple Reason

‘Hello’? More like ‘Goodbye, and thanks — but no thanks.’

It turns out that Adele’s “nerves” aren't keeping her from playing the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show. It’s the fact that the English vocal powerhouse has absolutely zero interest in going anywhere near the NFL’s big event.

In Los Angeles on August 13, Adele addressed the rumors that she was being considered for Super Bowl LI’s halftime show, and she did so in typical Adele fashion: directly, graciously, and with a chuckle or two thrown in for good measure.

While speaking on the tendency for the tabloids to have a field day with both her personal life and professional developments, Adele went from talking about her pregnancy rumors to “Adele’s going to announce her pregnancy at the Super Bowl!” rumors to just plain “Is Adele actually gonna play the Super Bowl?!” rumors in the blink of an eye.

“Well, come on!” she said when members of the audience voiced their displeasure once she clarified that, no, she’s not showing up at Houston’s NRG Stadium on February 5. “That show is not about music. I don’t dance or anything like that. They were very kind — they did ask me — but I said no.”

There you have it. Adele’s not pregnant, she’s not playing the Super Bowl, and she’s definitely not announcing a pregnancy that doesn’t exist at the Super Bowl. If someone could check on the NFL to make sure they’re not holing up in a conference room and listening to “Someone Like You” on repeat while bawling, that’d be rad.