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Sausage Party Got More Action Than Suicide Squad On Its Opening Night

The Joker’s got nothing on Seth Rogen’s dirty-talking processed meat

Suicide Squad may be the big success story at the movies this summer, but it was outdone by none other than Seth Rogen’s cartoon comedy about talking groceries for one hot Friday at the box office.

Sausage Party brought in $13.5 million for its first night in theaters, squeaking by to outperform Suicide Squad by $100,000. It’s a considerable feat given that the DC antihero epic played on over a thousand screens more than Rogen’s latest: Suicide Squad was shown at 4,255 locations to Sausage Party’s 3,103 theaters, so it’s safe to say that Salma Hayek lending her voice to a lipsticked taco makes for a hotter ticket than Jared Leto’s flashy and demonic Joker.

The great performance of Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s film is blowing past expectations, and should take home $31 to $33 million by the end of the weekend. Suicide Squad will likely reign supreme on that front, as it’s projected to earn almost $43 million for its second weekend in theaters, but that shows a very, very steep dip in audience attendance — a 68 percent drop, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It’s no Batman v. Superman — that serious digger was 69 percent in between its first and second weekends in theaters — but it looks like Suicide Squad’s record-breaking days are over for the time being.

Congrats to Rogen, Goldberg, and their collection of imaginary, raunchy, adults-only foodstuffs.