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Rihanna Managed To Make Boots Attached To A Corset Work, Work, Work, Etc.

As only she could, obviously

Rihanna is no stranger to high boots — this is the woman who designed waist-high denim boots with Manolo Blahnik, after all — but the ones she debuted on stage last night might be her most ~daring~ pair yet.

Honestly, I’m not even sure if they even qualify as boots. Maybe they’re pants? IDK.

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What they are — like, for sure — is attached to a corset, which is cinched around her waist, as corsets typically are. Just ask Kim Kardashian. I guess these are chaps, technically?

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If we zoom out a bit, we can see that the laced-up legs continue all the way down her shoes, but are missing any fabric in the knees, a quality you don’t typically see in boots. Definitely not in chaps. In pants, though, sure.

We may never know what to call these things, but one thing is clear: Rihanna is the only person on earth who can wear ’em.