This Famed Director Tried To Make Sense Of Kanye’s ‘Famous’ Video

The outrageous vid gets the art film treatment from one of the best in the business

When Kanye West dropped his now notorious “Famous” video — the one that features wax figures that look a hell of a lot like West, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and a handful of other notable people in bed together, naked — the general reaction could be summed up with what famed director Werner Herzog had to say about it: “I have never seen anything like this.”

It turns out that even the most established and revered of filmmakers is right there with the general public on the WTF scale regarding “Famous.” Herzog was utterly transfixed when The Daily Beast showed him the visual and asked for his analysis. He eagerly complied, and his thoughts on ’Ye’s latest got DEEP.

“The most interesting thing for me as a storyteller is something I always keep saying,” he said, taking in the sight of waxen Donald Trump, Rihanna, and the rest in Kanye’s tangle of sheets.

“In a movie, yes, you do have a story, and you develop a story. But at the same time, you have to be very careful and think about and organize a parallel story, a separate, independent story, that only occurs in the collective mind of the audience. When you hear the rap — which is very well done — all of a sudden, it gives you more time to reflect on it. This video gives you space for creating your separate parallel story, and you keep thinking, ‘Are these people for real? Are they doppelgängers? What could be the story of them? What are they doing? How have they partied? What brought them together?’”

You learn something new every day: For one thing, Herzog is a Kanye fan. For another, man oh man does “Famous” have more to it than outrage and infamy.