Boy Meets World’s Eric And Tommy Are Making Us Ugly Cry All Over Again

They’re still family all these years later

Nothing crushed my heart on Boy Meets World more than Eric Matthews (Will Friedle) being forced to tell little Tommy (J.B. Gaynor) he wasn’t going to adopt him. It was the perfect example of selfless love and loving someone by letting him go. Eric made the right choice on that fateful Season 6 episode, but that didn’t stop my heart from hurting for them both. Tommy was adopted by a wonderful family in California, and Eric had to painfully say goodbye to his best buddy.

Sixteen years later, Eric and Tommy reunited on a special episode of Girl Meets World. During the middle of an event in Eric’s campaign for senator, Tommy stood up and explained to both Eric’s opponent and the entire auditorium just how good of a person Eric truly was. There were hugs and gasps; it was a glorious moment.


All of this makes Gaynor’s birthday message to Friedle on Thursday (August 11) extra sweet. The duo had the cutest Twitter exchange, proving they’re still family all these years later.

Naturally, fans awwwed and said this hit them “right in the feels.” The fate of Girl Meets World is currently up in the air, but should it be renewed for a fourth season, Gaynor said he’d love to return to the show. Considering how Eric said he’d hire Tommy as his campaign manager, it’d only make sense we’d see more of him. Come on, Disney!