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7 Things Taylor Swift Should Do This Year Instead Of Making An Album

If Swift’s post-‘1989’ break is indeed still on as planned, we have some ideas for how she should fill the time

The head of Taylor Swift’s record label has just one word for fans expecting the follow-up to 1989 this fall: “NOPE.”

Last night (August 9), Scott Borchetta, president and CEO of Big Machine Label Group, replied to a since-deleted tweet from a fan who asked him if a new Swift album would arrive this October. Let’s just say his response is ... well ... impossible to misinterpret.

Based on Swift’s discography, fans had every reason to believe she’d release new music this fall. Just check out the timing of her five studio albums released on Big Machine: Taylor Swift in October 2006, Fearless in November 2008, Speak Now in October 2010, Red in October 2012, and 1989 in October 2014. The pattern has been entirely consistent, with Swift dropping a new album every other year in either October or November. So what gives with album No. 6?

Of course, Borchetta’s word shouldn’t necessarily be taken at face value. He only said that a release date wasn’t planned for October, meaning it could easily be November, or “back to December," or, hell, it could even arrive earlier than that. On the flip side, maybe Swift actually had a valid point when she claimed she’s overexposed and needs to take a break from the spotlight.

If Swift’s post-1989 break is indeed still on as planned, we have some ideas for how she should fill the time:

  1. Write songs for other artists

    Sure, Swift says she’s on a break from music, but during this alleged break, she wrote a smash for Calvin Harris and Rihanna. Sooo ... clearly she’s not opposed to lending her hit-making skills to other artists.

  2. Host Saturday Night Live

    Most hosts have something to promote when they appear on SNL, but Swift’s such a big star that the show would probably welcome her anytime ... especially if they could get her to restore her public image by making fun of her feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Plus, she’s done the show before and slayed it, naturally.

  3. Release another perfume

    Swift already has four fragrances to her name: Wonderstruck, Wonderstruck Enchanted, Taylor by Taylor Swift, and Incredible Things. It’s been two years since the latter was released, which means Swifties need a new bottle of T.S.-approved smells to grace their nostrils.

  4. Revive her acting career

    Swift’s filmography is super sporadic — she hasn’t been in a film since 2014’s The Giver, or on a TV show since New Girl in 2013. We think it’s time she flex that acting muscle once more by doing something unexpected and ~dramatic~. If Harry Styles can do it, then so can she.

  5. Make more Apple Music commercials

    This one’s a no-brainer for a couple different reasons. First, it’d be a way for Swift to be involved in the music industry without actually having to promote new music. Plus, it would keep her on excellent terms with Apple Music. And finally, it’d be another way for her to endear herself to the public, make them see another side of her, and make people laugh.

  6. Support her friends and fellow artists

    Some of Swift’s BFFs — like Lorde, Haim, Charli XCX, and Shawn Mendes — are currently prepping their new albums. All of those artists appeared at separate stops on Swift’s 1989 tour, and it’d be amazing to see Swift return the love by helping boost their new projects. Because nothing says “true friendship” like shameless promotion.

  7. Enjoy being in a new relationship

    If her romance with Tom Hiddleston is indeed the real deal, then the globe-trotting couple deserves time to enjoy the sweet bliss of a new relationship. Bonus: It’ll likely give Swift some material for new music.

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