Catfish Connection: Should Andrew And Johnny Pursue A Real-Life Romance?

During tonight's brand-new episode, the two decided to just be friends -- but could there be something more between them?

Before Nev and Max bring Catfish subjects together, a wide array of emotions are shared between the folks communicating online. And while the romantic relationship tends to go in one of two directions post-meeting -- continue the bond or cease the connection -- sometimes there is the possibility that the two could potentially enjoy a love affair IRL but don't make any commitments during the MTV program. So should Andrew and Johnny -- tonight's featured men -- give it a go as more than just platonic acquaintances?

Before we ponder the aforementioned query, Andrew initially wanted to get some much-needed answers about the man he met on Tinder. Johnny was using phony photos of a real-life Crossfit trainer named Zak -- and was also harboring a secret: He was not out of the closet to his family and had not dated a man until this year. The grocery store manager went on the popular app to see if he would match with his recent ex (turns out, his former partner didn't swipe right) and instead he found himself with Andrew. While it started as a way to get some closure, Johnny found himself interested in Andrew -- and admitted it during their first face-to-face encounter.

From there, the duo shared some alone time and Johnny apologized again for his actions. The pair discussed if Johnny was ready to come out to his loved ones -- and he made a sweet declaration about the impending conversation.

"It's scary, but as long as I have you there," he stated, while Andrew couldn't help but grin and offer his unwavering support.

While Nev hoped that the guys would take things a step further and added that "together they're really cute," Max stated that just because they were physically attracted to each other doesn't mean they would fall in love.

And the silver fox was spot-on. While Andrew and Johnny had nothing but positive feedback about each other, Andrew didn't want to be Johnny's rebound and claimed that jumping right into something would be "reckless." Johnny agreed and said they should move forward as friends, but that there was also the potential for something to happen in the future.

Getting to know the person you've been communicating with, especially after one party has not been honest about their identity, is not an easy task while participating in this unique docu-series. While Andrew and Johnny opted to not label their relationship fresh after meeting, it was evident that their conversation flowed naturally and they genuinely enjoyed sharing life experiences with each other. And before interacting in the flesh -- when the digital detectives confirmed that Johnny was posing as Zak -- Andrew stated that he thought Johnny was good-looking. There was also chemistry between the two -- and the smiles were aplenty.

So should the two pursue a romance now that they are free of the Catfish pressure? Or should they continue to be close pals who continue to support each other? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay with MTV News for more Catfish updates.