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Kylie Jenner’s BFF Dressed Her And The Results Are, Uh, Terrible

Also she’ll never need to go on a job interview

Kylie Jenner's app is full of premium #content, but it’s been a sec since she’s given us a look into her life, her closet, etc. Thankfully, today, one day before she turns the big 1-9, she’s invited us back into her closet, where Harry, one of her best friends, has been tasked with creating outfits for different scenarios.

In a teaser video — you’ll have to shell out the $2.99 monthly fee for the full thing — you get an idea of what to expect; namely, scenarios Kylie Jenner will never encounter — study date???? — and the, uh, unusual looks Harry chooses for them.

Turns out, just being in a Kardashian-Jenner closet, no matter how many Birkins are contained within, does not mean you know how to put together Kardashian-Jenner-level outfits. The more you know.