This Is What's Driving Ryan Ferguson And Eva Nagao To Begin Unlocking The Truth

They'll tackle the cases of three prisoners -- who may have been wrongfully convicted -- in MTV's new docu-series

Three separate juries sent three men to prison, but these controversial cases are about to get a second look -- thanks to Unlocking the Truth.

Ryan Ferguson (a former prisoner who spent a decade behind bars for a murder he didn't commit) and Eva Nagao (from the Exoneration Project) will re-examine evidence and attempt to gather information about the mysteries surrounding the stories of Michael Politte, Byron Case and Kalvin Michael Smith. But before the compelling, 10-episode MTV docu-series premieres on August 17, we're getting a closer look at the aforementioned co-hosts.

In the video below, Ryan gives context about his own experience and why he wants to aid those who are in the same position he was once in only several years ago.

"If I can help all these other great individuals who are working to expose wrongful convictions and this injustice, we can stop innocent people from going to prison," he explains.

Eva, meanwhile, has been passionate about wrongful convictions since a young age because of her own personal history.

"My grandparents were interned as Japanese people in the United States during World War II," she reveals in the clip above. "Knowing that story, growing up in a household where that was part of our culture and our history as a family, made me see early on that prisons and injustice went hand in hand."

To hear more from Ryan and Eva -- including their first impressions of each other -- be sure to watch the clips. And catch the premiere of Unlocking the Truth on Wednesday, August 17 at 11/10c, right after Catfish.